how much do you know about basic fitness knowledge?

Every day we say we want to work out, but how much do you know about basic fitness knowledge?

1. The principle of muscle growth:

In fact, muscles don’t grow in the process of exercise, but because of intense exercise, which tears the muscle fibers. At this time, you need to supplement the body’s protein in the diet, so when you sleep at night, muscles will grow in the process of repair. This is the principle of muscle growth. However, if the intensity of exercise is too high and you don’t pay attention to rest, it will slow down your muscle efficiency and be prone to injury.


Therefore, proper exercise + good protein + sufficient rest can make muscles grow faster. If you are in a hurry, you can’t eat hot tofu. Many people don’t leave enough rest time for muscles, so it will naturally slow down muscle growth.

2. Group Aerobics: most people and athletes in the world do it in groups. Generally speaking, there are 4 groups for each action, namely 8-12.

According to the training intensity and effect of the plan, the rest time varies from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.


Why do so many people exercise in groups?

In fact, there are many scientific experiments and examples that show that through group exercise, muscle can get more stimulation to speed up muscle growth significantly and more efficiently, and when the number of times is 4 groups, muscle stimulation reaches the peak and grows better.


But group exercise also needs to pay attention to a problem, that is, to plan your own training volume, it is best to reach the exhausted state after each group of actions, so as to create more muscle stimulation.

Maybe some people are not very clear about exhaustion, but in fact, it is very simple. You plan to do 11 of these actions, but you find that 11 of them can’t be finished at all. Then you are in the state of exhaustion, but you need to put aside the psychological factors. After all, some people always suggest to themselves that I can’t finish it ~ I can’t finish it!


I wonder how much do you know about these two basic knowledge points of fitness? Fitness is a scientific sport. If you practice hard, unexpected things may happen. So you need to know more about these basic knowledge.

Post time: May-09-2020