• Do you know all the ten benefits of fitness?

    In modern times, there are more and more fitness methods, and more and more people are willing to actively exercise. But many people’s fitness should be just to shape their good body! In fact, the benefits of actively participating in fitness exercise are not only this! So what are the bene...
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  • How to exercise for beginners

    Many friends don’t know how to start fitness or exercise, or they are full of enthusiasm at the beginning of fitness, but they gradually give up when they don’t achieve the desired effect after holding on for a while, so I’m going to talk about how to start for people who have j...
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  • What is the difference between yoga and fitness

    Yoga originated in India at first. It is one of the six philosophical schools in ancient India. It explores the truth and method of “the unity of Brahma and self”. Because of the trend of fitness, many gyms have also started to have yoga classes. Through the popularity of yoga classes...
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  • What are the benefits of practicing yoga

    What are the benefits of practicing yoga, please see below points. 01 enhance cardiopulmonary function   People who lack exercise have weaker cardiopulmonary function. If you often yoga, exercise, the heart function will naturally improve, making the heart slow and powerful.     02...
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  • how much do you know about basic fitness knowledge?

    Every day we say we want to work out, but how much do you know about basic fitness knowledge? 1. The principle of muscle growth: In fact, muscles don’t grow in the process of exercise, but because of intense exercise, which tears the muscle fibers. At this time, you need to supplement the b...
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  • Correct your body shape through exercise

    PART 1 Neck forward, hunchback Where is the ugliness of leaning forward? The neck is habitually stretched forward, which makes people look not right, that is to say, without temperament. No matter how high the beauty value is, if you have the problem of leaning forward, you need to discount your ...
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  • How to choose suitable fitness clothes

    Fitness is like a challenge. Boys who are addicted to fitness are always inspired to challenge one goal after another, and use persistence and perseverance to complete seemingly impossible tasks. And the fitness training suit is like a battle gown to help yourself. To put on the fitness training ...
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  • Different fitness workout should wear different clothes

    Do you only have one set of fitness clothes for exercise and fitness? If you are still a set of fitness clothes and all exercise is taken as a whole, then you will be out; there are many kinds of sports, of course, fitness clothes have different characteristics, no one set of fitness clothes is o...
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  • What should we bring to the gym studio

    2019 is coming to an end. Have you achieved your goal of “losing ten pounds” this year? At the end of the year, hurry to wipe the ashes on the fitness card and go a few more times. When many people¬† first went to the gym, he didn’t know what to bring. He was always sweaty but di...
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  • Welcome our customer from New Zealand visit us

    Welcome our customer from New Zealand visit us

    At 18th Nov, Our customer from New zealand visit our factory.   They are very kind and young person, then our team take pictures with them. We are really appreciated for each customer come to visit us:)   We show customer to our fabric inspection machine and colorfastness machine. Fab...
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  • Welcome our old customer from USA visit us

    Welcome our old customer from USA visit us

    At 11th Nov, our customer visit us. They work with us for many years, and appreciate we have a strong team, beautiful factory and good quality. They look forward to work with us and growing with us. They take their new products to us for developing and discuss, we wish can start these new project...
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  • Welcome our customer from UK visit us

    Welcome our customer from UK visit us

    At 27th Sep, 2019, our customer from UK visit us. All of our team warmly applause and welcome him. Our customer were very happy for this. Then we take customers to our sample room to see how our pattern makers create patterns and make active wear samples. We took customers to see our fabric ins...
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