What should we bring to the gym studio

2019 is coming to an end. Have you achieved your goal of “losing ten pounds” this year? At the end of the year, hurry to wipe the ashes on the fitness card and go a few more times. When many people  first went to the gym, he didn’t know what to bring. He was always sweaty but didn’t bring a change of clothes, which was very embarrassing. So today we will tell you what to bring to the gym!


What do I need to bring to the gym?


1, shoes


When you go to the gym, you’d better choose sports shoes with good skid resistance to prevent the sweat dripping on the ground from slipping. Next, you should fit your feet and feel comfortable.


2, trousers


It’s better to wear shorts or loose and breathable sports pants when exercising. You should pay attention to the fact that you must have good air permeability or choose quick drying pants, or you can wear tight pants according to the project you want to train. When you wear tight pants, you must wear shorts outside. Otherwise, it will be very embarrassing.


3, clothes


Clothing selection as long as the air permeability is good, not too loose, not too tight, comfortable is the most important. For girls, it’s better to wear sports underwear

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4, kettle


For sports, replenishing water is very important, because a lot of physical energy and water will be consumed in the process of sports, so we must replenish water in time, according to our own situation, if you need to increase muscle and replenish muscle powder, you can bring a special water cup for fitness, with a small box for sports tonic, which is convenient to carry.
5. Towel


If you are not a gym photographer, but you work hard, you will be sweating. At this time, you need to bring a towel to wipe off the sweat in time, and you can also avoid too much sweat flowing into your eyes or blocking your vision. In any case, it is a very good habit.


6. Toiletries and changing clothes


Generally, the gym has a shower. You can bring your own toiletries, take a bath after the exercise, and change into clean clothes. Otherwise, if you go out of the gym, you will have a sweat smell, which will give a bad impression.


7. Other accessories


This mainly refers to protective protective protective devices like wrist guards, knee guards, waist guards, etc. to avoid injury. Of course, these things are carried according to your own training needs, and you don’t need to carry them.
The above is what we need to bring to the gym. Have a look at the preparations for fitness. Are you ready?

Post time: Dec-02-2019