Different fitness workout should wear different clothes

Do you only have one set of fitness clothes for exercise and fitness? If you are still a set of fitness clothes and all exercise is taken as a whole, then you will be out; there are many kinds of sports, of course, fitness clothes have different characteristics, no one set of fitness clothes is omnipotent, so you must choose fitness clothes according to your own fitness items.

1. Yoga

Many mm do yoga just to wear a casual sportswear on OK, in fact, this way of wearing is not correct. Yoga has many stretching movements. The most important thing in clothing is to have flexibility and absorb sweat. On this basis, the choice of top is mainly implicit, the neckline should not be opened too much, and the clothes should not be too close to the body, so as to prevent the occurrence of unsightly accidents when doing large-scale movements. The best choice for bottoms is loose and elastic leggings, trousers and  capris.

In addition, it is suggested that mm prepare a large towel for yoga practice. If you think the yoga mat is too thin, you can put a towel on it to increase its softness. And when you sweat a lot, it’s easy to take it up and wipe it.

2. pedal exercise

Pedal operators are not very picky about the requirements of clothing. When doing treadmill exercise, it’s better to wear a sports short sleeve T-shirt or jacket with good mositure and wicking. The bottom is suggested to wear sports pants with Lycra ingredients. The length of pants is not particularly important. Pants are a good choice. The fabric of pants must be Lycra, so that your body can stretch freely without any pressure.

3. fight Gymnastics

There are a lot of activities in fight aerobics. There are a lot of quick punches and kicks. Therefore, it is required that the limbs can be fully extended and quickly extended and withdrawn at the same time. It is recommended to wear sports bra, tight half vest or sleeveless T-shirt on the upper body when practicing fighting exercises, so as to make the upper arm move better. It is also recommended to wear pants with more elastic fabric, and the length of pants is the best above the knee, so as not to restrain the movement of legs.

4. Cycling

When practicing cycling, it is recommended to choose a sweat wicking sleeveless halter top, which is convenient for sports without disturbing your happy rhythm by sweat stains. And the lower garment must wear the sports pants with length, knee joint, narrow trouser legs and elasticity. Because if the trouser legs are too wide, it’s easy to scrape the parts near the bicycle pedal. It’s not beautiful to ride, and it’s easy to get hurt. In addition, it is recommended to wear Fingerless Gloves, which can prevent slipping when the palm of your hand is sweating, and protect you from injury due to hand sliding under the fast rhythm of the spinning bike. At the same time, the gloves avoid the direct contact between the hand and the handle, and will not make your delicate jade hand rough due to friction.

Warm tips: a set of suitable fitness clothes can let you get the best performance and the most comfortable exercise process in sports, at the same time, it can protect your body and avoid the body injury caused by improper clothes.

Post time: Apr-18-2020