Correct your body shape through exercise


Neck forward, hunchback

Where is the ugliness of leaning forward?

The neck is habitually stretched forward, which makes people look not right, that is to say, without temperament.

No matter how high the beauty value is, if you have the problem of leaning forward, you need to discount your beauty.

Audrey Hepburn, the goddess of beauty, was also photographed in the habit of leaning forward on her neck. She was in the same frame with Grace Kelly, who had a perfect appearance, and immediately distinguished herself.

In addition, if the neck is tilted forward, the length of the neck will be shortened visually. If it’s not beautiful, it’s also a long section short.

Causes & how to save yourself

Neck forward, usually because of the back, chest, neck and other parts of the muscles, the overall imbalance of force caused.

If not corrected for a long time, it will not only be ugly, but also lead to neck muscle pain, stiffness, tension headache and other problems.


Here we recommend a “McKenzie therapy” for neck forward leaning.


mckenzie therapy



1. Lie on your back and take a deep breath to relax.

2. Use the force of the head to retract the jaw, until it can no longer be retracted, hold for a few seconds, and then relax back to the original position.

3. Repeat the above actions, do 10 groups before going to bed every night, do not use pillows!


In addition, it can be improved by practicing simple yoga postures.


The following postures can strengthen the back muscles while relaxing the shoulder and neck, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.


01 fish



Lie on your back with your legs together and your hands under your hips;

Inhale, stretch spine, exhale, lift chest up;

Open your shoulders back and out, and drop your head on the floor.


02 bow



Lie on your back, then bend your knees and grasp the outer edge of your ankle with both hands

Inhale, lift chest shoulder, exhale, legs back strong

Head up, eyes in front

Keep 5 breaths


In addition, remind yourself to keep your chest up, head up and chin down. Do not use too high pillows to avoid back tension.


There are so many methods, the key is persistence! insist! insist!





If the neck is tilted forward, it may be accompanied by the problem of hunchback.


Are you familiar with this situation?


I was on my way. Suddenly, PA——


My mother slapped me on the back!


“Walk with your head up and chest up!”



Causes & how to save yourself


When we habitually bow our heads, the posture is shown as the shoulders are folded forward and inward, and the waist is relaxed and arched.


In this position, the lower left chest muscle is tense, while the lower right back muscle group (rhomboid muscle, anterior serratus muscle, lower trapezius muscle, etc.) is lack of exercise.


When the front is strong and the back is weak, your body will naturally lean forward under the action of force, so it becomes a hunchback in appearance.


Here we recommend “stick to the wall” for 5 minutes after meals.


When standing against the wall, all 5 points of the body should touch the wall.


At the beginning, I feel very tired, but the improvement of posture problem is not achieved overnight, but depends on the accumulation of every bit at ordinary times.



Don’t look down on these 5 minutes. You can see the feedback from Douban netizens



Insist on for 1 month continuously, do not stick to the wall is the same back straight, walk with wind, full of momentum!



Anteversion of pelvis


To judge whether you belong to pelvic anteversion, you can first reflect on yourself:


Obviously not fat, but how can not reduce the stomach;

Standing for a long time often back pain, can not help but want to collapse;

Didn’t exercise deliberately, but the buttocks are still quite cocky?


If all of the above are successful, it is necessary to consciously check whether your pelvis is leaning forward.


You can:


Lying on your back or standing against the wall, square one hand under the lumbar spine. If the space in the middle can hold more than or equal to three fingers, it means the pelvis is tilted forward.



Reba, for example, is considered to be a good figure, but the small belly in the photo reveals that she seems to have the same problem.



With the problem of pelvis leaning forward, people who are as thin as Reba will bulge forward, thus creating the visual illusion of “hip cocking”.


The same is put out of the hip position, Han Xue’s stomach is obviously flat.



Causes & how to save yourself


In fact, the deep cause of pelvic forward tilt is that the iliopsoas muscle, the anterior muscle of the hip, is too tight to pull the pelvis forward and rotate, and the gluteus maximus muscle is weak, which leads to pelvic forward tilt.


Figure out why the pelvis leans forward


A kind of
Exercises to correct pelvic forward tilt:


01 stretching of iliopsoas muscle



Crescent stretch and strengthen the thighs, stretch the iliopsoas, relieve the back pain caused by sitting for a long time and improve the pelvis forward tilt.


02. Strengthen core strength


Low back pain may also be due to weak abdominal strength, so you can strengthen the core strength through flat support.


Of course, the premise is that the movement should be accurate and upright, otherwise it will cause harm to the body



03 | gluteus muscle strengthening


By activating gluteus maximus and posterior thigh muscles, and fully stretching the anterior pelvic muscles, it can improve the anteversion of pelvis.


We can achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone through bridge practice.


It’s so good for the uterus, and it can also thin the stomach and go to the waist of the bucket. This action is too powerful! (click the link to review the bridge)




Improve bad habits


Most of the posture problems are actually caused by our bad habits of sitting for a long time and playing with mobile phones.


For a long time, sitting still makes the strength of waist and abdomen insufficient. After sitting for a long time, the back is sore, not to mention the consequences caused by the bad postures of “Ge You paralysis”.



It’s recommended that you always remind yourself to be positive


Post time: Apr-28-2020