How to exercise for beginners

Many friends don’t know how to start fitness or exercise, or they are full of enthusiasm at the beginning of fitness, but they gradually give up when they don’t achieve the desired effect after holding on for a while, so I’m going to talk about how to start for people who have just contacted fitness. (Note: Although Vance has been involved in explosive power training and strength lifting training, he mainly has a deeper understanding of shaping, so the updated content of this issue is mainly shaping.).


On The Fly

First of all, consider the following before you start exercising:


1. Assess your current physical condition


What’s your current size? Have you ever had the habit of sports? Whether the body has other diseases or injuries that affect sports.


2. What you want to achieve


For example, I want to shape, perform better in sports, and increase the maximum strength.


3. Comprehensive factors


How much time a week can you spare for exercise, whether you exercise in the gym or at home, whether you can control your diet, etc.



According to the situation after the analysis, make a reasonable plan. A good plan can definitely make you get twice the result with half the effort. Now let’s talk about it in detail: how to start sports for the weak, normal and overweight people, but no matter which kind they belong to, they can follow the following principles:





1. If there is no exercise experience or little exercise before starting exercise, it is suggested to start from physical fitness, for example, starting from the simplest aerobic training to improve their cardiopulmonary function. After all, strength training also needs some endurance support to complete. You can choose some sports that you are interested in (playing ball, swimming, etc.) to develop good exercise habits;


2. At the beginning of strength training, first learn the movement mode with bare hands or light weight, and then start to slowly add weight, and when the novice starts to exercise, they mainly use compound movements (multi joint movements);


3. Make a good diet plan, at least three meals should be timed, and at the same time, ensure a good intake of protein:


No exercise day: 1.2g/kg body weight


Endurance training day: 1.5g/kg body weight


Strength training day: 1.8g/kg


4. If you have a disease or some parts of your body are injured, please follow the doctor’s advice and do not try to be brave.



Emaciated people


The general needs of the thin and weak people are to be stronger and healthier, but because the basic metabolism of this kind of people is higher than that of the normal people, and most of the time they don’t eat enough calories, so this kind of people need to focus on strength training and the training time should not be too long, which should be controlled at 45-60 minutes, and do less aerobic exercise as far as possible; in terms of diet, it is recommended to focus on a healthy diet, Don’t eat crisps, fried chicken and other foods in order to gain weight. Slowly increase your own food intake. As the welfare of the thin and weak people, in addition to the normal diet, in order to meet the needs of calories, drinks can be drunk at will.



Normal population


It refers to people who are not fat or thin, and those who look thin but have a circle of fat around their abdomen. This kind of people is similar to the sports suggestions of the thin and weak people, mainly focusing on strength training, exercise time is controlled at about 60 minutes, aerobic can be properly done; in terms of diet, it is also based on a healthy and regular diet, but it needs to consciously eat less or no snacks and drinks.



Overweight people


Being called fat by the people around you can be classified into this category. In addition to strength training, such people also need to join aerobic training, but they need to avoid aerobic exercise like running and jumping. Because the joint pressure of overweight people is much greater than that of normal people, they need to reduce their weight without damaging their bodies. In terms of diet, it is not a wax chewing diet without oil and salt, but a proper oil and salt diet. When eating outside food, you should avoid fried and fried food, and snacks and drinks must be stopped.

Redefine Tight


At the same time, people who are just starting to exercise need to pay attention to:

1. Don’t always look for shortcuts and the best way


Many friends always want to find a shortcut to find the best way to achieve the ideal goal once and for all. But even in our life, how many things can we achieve once and for all? Your body is the mirror that can best reflect the state of your recent life. If you eat greasy food, it will be fat. If you have less rest, your body function will decline. In fact, the best way is to stick to it day by day. All people who are in good health or in good shape do not mean that they have done the most recent sports, but what they have been doing.


2. Fish in three days and net in two days


This kind of people mainly regard fitness as a task to complete, or there is no goal, not willing to change the status quo. In fact, at the beginning, you can start to exercise in the form that you like and are easy to adhere to (such as cycling, dancing, swimming, etc.), and complete about 40 minutes of exercise three to four times a week; then you can add strength training appropriately after a period of time. In addition, it’s better to find a goal to stick to: for example, I want to build a good body to wear clothes, I want to have a healthier body to deal with things in life, etc. no matter what I do, only by turning it into your interest or part of life can I have a long-term commitment. You all know the truth, but you just can’t do it. I know it


3. Overpower


Full of motivation and enthusiasm, in sharp contrast to the front. It’s good to have motivation, but too much motivation is not enough. After all, exercise is a step-by-step process. It’s not that the longer you train at a time, the better the effect will be. Body shape is the result of your long-term persistence, not the result of a single exercise.

4. Too many uncertain goals


You want to lose fat and increase muscle. If you set two conflicting goals, you will not do well in the end. Even if the goals are not in conflict, it’s hard for you to take into account two or more things at the same time, so it’s better to set a short-term goal for yourself first, and then do the next one after you’ve completed it.
Finally, whether or not you are interested in fitness shaping, as long as you can start exercising, even cycling and square dancing, will have a positive effect on your body. The American Sports Commission (ACE) has come to the conclusion that as long as you can stick to it for six months, sports can become your habit, and you don’t need to stick to it any more. So I might as well give myself a chance to change. First, I’ll divide six months into several small goals: for example, I’ll stick to my favorite sports three times a week, and then I’ll set the goal to join strength training or try other forms of sports in the second month, so as to slowly cultivate the interest in sports. After reaching the goal, I might as well reward myself with a meal of delicious food or other things What you want.

Post time: Jun-06-2020