Do you know all the ten benefits of fitness?

In modern times, there are more and more fitness methods, and more and more people are willing to actively exercise. But many people’s fitness should be just to shape their good body! In fact, the benefits of actively participating in fitness exercise are not only this! So what are the benefits of fitness? Let’s learn about it together!
1. Release the pressure of life and work
Living in today’s high-pressure society, there are so many things to face every day that some people can’t bear it easily, such as psychological depression, negative energy entanglement and so on. There’s a good way to do it. You can sweat it out. Running people have such experiences and feelings. When they encounter troubles, their running mood will change.
So what’s the specific principle? It’s very simple that active sports will make our body produce a kind of material beneficial to our body and mind, that is, the “endorphin” called “happiness hormone”. Through exercise, the body will produce a lot of this element, which makes you feel relaxed and happy! So if you want to relieve the pressure, then actively exercise!


2. Fitness sexy, can attract the eyes of people around
Which girl doesn’t like a man with a tight body, thick arms and flat stomach? Sexy men will make women unable to support themselves. In the movie and TV series, the picture of naked body covered with rose petals reveals the collarbone, which often makes all the girls in the movie theater scream.
If one day he suddenly starts to work out, he must like someone around him. He can find a topic or make himself more confident through fitness.


3. Increase vitality
Exercise 2-3 times a week can increase physical strength by 20% and reduce fatigue by 65%. The reason is that exercise can enhance our metabolism, strengthen our physical strength, and increase the secretion of dopamine in the brain, which can make us not feel so tired!

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4. Fitness can build confidence to meet challenges
Loss of enthusiasm for life, depression will make men feel helpless, incompetent, unable to do anything. So the easiest solution is to get fit.
As long as you set exercise goals for yourself gradually at the beginning of fitness, then with the gradual realization of the goals, men will be able to constantly get a happy mood and build up self-confidence for themselves. Secondly, long-term exercise can help men develop good living habits, make their bodies healthier, and also bring positive mental changes to men.

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5.Fitness promotes better sleep
A good night’s sleep will improve your concentration, productivity and mood. Exercise is the key to good sleep. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and get deeper.

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6. Fitness can dredge blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular diseases
Regular and scientific sports can also have a good influence on the morphology, structure and function of the cardiovascular system. For example, after endurance training of appropriate intensity, it can improve and enhance the blood supply ability and metabolism ability of the heart muscle, reduce the fat deposition of the blood vessel wall, play a positive role in preventing the hardening of arteries, and also prevent the occurrence of myocardial ischemic diseases.

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7. Enhance memory
We all want to have a better memory to face work problems or exams. According to the latest research published in the journal behavioral brain research, aerobic exercise can increase the number of hormons in the blood with memory!


8. Not easy to catch cold
At present, the exact mechanism of fitness people less likely to catch cold is not clear, but it is published in the British Journal of sports medicine The latest research points out that people who exercise more than five times a week are 46% less likely to catch a cold than those who exercise once or do not. In addition, people who exercise regularly have 41% fewer days of symptoms after catching a cold, and 32% – 40% fewer symptom severity. Researchers speculate that fitness may help improve the immune system in the body!

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9. Contribute to performance
Last year, a survey of 19803 office workers showed that the employees with fitness habits performed 50% better in creativity, briefing ability and productivity than their colleagues without fitness. The research results were published in the Journal of public health management. Therefore, more and more companies in the United States have attached gyms for employees to use this year!


10. Increase muscle to help lose weight
With the increase of muscles brought by muscle strength training, the metabolism rate of the body will gradually increase under static condition, so you will burn more calories every day. The study found that for every pound of muscle added to the body, an extra 35-50 kcal per day was consumed.

Post time: Jun-19-2020