Happy Thanksgiving Day!-A Client’s Story from Arabella

Hi! It is Thanksgiving Day!

Arabella wants to show our best gratitude to all our team members-including our sales staff, designing team, members from our workshops, warehouse, QC team..., as well as our family, friends, the most importantly, for you, our clients and friends who focus and have chosen us. You are always the first reason for us to keep exploring and moving on. To celebrate this day with you, we would like to share a story from one of our clients.

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At the very beginning of this year, when Arabella just opened our second new office and new sales team. We received an inquiry from a client who also had started their new gym wear brand in the UK. It was a new experience for both of us.

Our client is a consistent and creative person when it comes to his brand. They provided us with multiple wonderful designs from their team, allowing us to have more possibilities to explore more details on their products. Of course, the most important thing was that they gave us was their patience. It is rare that our clients to give new members a chance to learn and grow.

However, things didn’t go smoothly at the beginning. When it comes to make clothes from zero, there are always many details to confirm, such as color palettes, fabrics, elastics, trims, logos, ropes, pins, care labels, hanging tags..., even a small change on one seam can make a big difference. We faced several new challenges with this client and the biggest problem was the schedule and time of the factory due to the busy season. Additionally, our sales team was on a business trip, causing a slight delayed in sending samples, which almost disappointed them and made us fear losing them.

Nevertheless, our client decided to have faith in us once again, and we caught the shot to handle his case on time. It moved very well afterwards once we clarified all the misunderstood and offered better services for him. The bulk products were delivered on time. Our clients successfully held a fashion show with the products. They shared the photos and videos with us. And we were deeply moved by their generous behavior-he donated parts of their revenue and gym wear to the disable community, to make them glow on the stage like anyone else.

Our client has become one of our friends as well. Just last week, they even helped us design a logo for our company. We expressed our gratitude and admiration for their team.

The story is not unique-it happens in everyone’s work. But for Arabella, it is a story filled with both hardship as well as sweetness, but most importantly, growth. Stories like this happen in Arabella everyday. So this is what we are trying to say-we cherish these stories together with you, which is the most precious gift that you have given us, because you choose us from the very beginning and decide to grow with us.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you! Regardless of where you came from, you are always deserving of our “thank you”.


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Post time: Nov-24-2023