Arabella’s Weekly Brief News During Feb.19th-Feb.23rd


This is Arabella Clothing’s broadcasting our weekly briefings in clothing industry for you!

It is evident that the AI revolution, inventory stress and sustainability continue to be the main focus in the entire industry. Let’s take a glance of the signs in the past weeks.

Market Trends

According to the last ITMF Global Textile Industry Survey (GTIS) on in January, fueled by optimistic consumer demands, increased wages, better inflation rates after the pandemic, the business expectations might have a better turning point in 2024. The orders began to recover especially in North & Central America and South America. However, the ongoing cost concerns exist.


Lululemon announced the cooperation with Australian Eco-technology company Samsara Eco, to debut the world’s first enzymatically recycled Nylon 6,6 Product, Swiftly Tech long-sleeve shirts. The product used recycled nylon 6,6 made by Samsara Eco’s technology, which signaling a key milestone in textile-to-textile recycling technology.

Along with the development of eco-friendly technology, Arabella also is about to release more clothes collections contains eco-friendly fabrics. Feel free to consult us for more!

Germany’s Puma announced the collaboration with F1 Academy on women’s racing wearing and gears on February 21st, signifying a remarkable step forward in the field of women's racing. 



On February.12th, Pantone reveals the “functional and adaptable” AW24 color palette of NYFW. Pantone has selected 10 as “essential but un-exciting”warm tones collection , 10 as “environmentally inspired” collection, and 10 as core classic colors. Here are the collections.

In the following fashion weeks AW24, Pantone will bring us more color trends and Arabella will bring you more news about them.

Technology & Production

According to the article of Fiber2Fashion, the application of AI and Automatic garment production is gradually making an influence. It enhances the production efficiency by solving the defects of manual processes of the clothing industry . Zara and H&M have made great examples in applying AI technology in supply chain and inventory management. 


After Chinese New Year, Arabella will also keep our steps closer to the clothing industry. At the same time, there will be more news updating for you! Stay on tune and follow us to get your own first-hand industry news with us!

Post time: Feb-28-2024