Weekly Brief News in Clothing Industry: Oct.9th-Oct.13th

One uniqueness in Arabella is that we always keep pacing the activewear trends. However, a mutual growth is one of main goals that we would like to make it happen with our clients. Thus, we have set up a collection of weekly brief news in fabrics, fibers, colors, exhibitions...etc., that represent the top trends of clothing industry. Hope it is useful to you.

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German premium outwear brand Jack Wolfskin has launched the world's first and only 3-layer recycled fabric technology-TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE. The technology mainly shows that the middle layer film is made of 100% recycled materials, balancing fabric sustainability and high performance, waterproofing, and breathability.


The first Chinese produced bio-based spandex product has been unveiled. It is the only bio-based spandex fiber in the world that verified by the European Union's OK Biobased standard, which maintains the same performance parameters as traditional Lycra fiber.



Along with the latest fashion weeks, the accessories like zippers, buttons, fasten belts shows more features on functions, appearances and textures. There are 4 keywords that worth to keep our eyes on them: natural textures, high-function, practicability, minimalism, mechanical style, irregular.

In addition, Rico Lee, a famous worldwide outwear and activewear designer, just collaborated with YKK (a well-known zipper brand) finished releasing a new collection in outwear on Shanghai Fashion Show on October.15th. It is recommended to watch the playback on YKK’s official website.


Color Trends
WGSN X Coloro just announced key colors of SS24 PFW on October 13th. The main colors still maintains traditional neutral, black and white. Based on the catwalks, the conclusions on seasonal colors would be crimson, oat milk, pink diamond, pineapple, glacical blue.


Brands News

On October 14th, H&M launched a new equestrian brand called "All in Equestrian" and entered into a partnership with the Global Champion League, a renowned equestrian competition in Europe. H&M will provide clothing support to the equestrian teams participating in the league.

Even if the equestrian clothing market is still small, however, more sports brand starts planing to expand their production lines to the horse riding clothes. Fortunately, we have rich experience in equestrian wearing already based on the needs of our clients.


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Post time: Oct-19-2023