Champion® Hoodie for Mental Health Released! Arabella’s Weekly Brief News During May 20th-May 26th


Back from the party in the middle-east, Arabella Clothing keeps our steps moving on for our clients from Canton Fair today. Hope we can collaborate with our new friend smoothly in the following!


Except for this amazing news we would like to share, we never take our eyes off of the changes in the clothing industry. We are still studying these new trends and would like to share more about them with you. So, let’s start our Monday with a goal of knowing more about clothing industry!

Fibers & Fabrics


On May 8th, Finnish innovative sustainability material Company Spinnova’ s R&D yarn production line has settled down in Tearfil’s Mill in Portugal. The spinning line machinery was supplied by Rieter, the world’s leading supplier of yarn production systems. The plan aims to develop a commercial-scale sustainable yarn production for various applications.

As an advanced material company, Spinnova has developed a latest technique that can extract fibers from woods or waste. The verified Spinnova Fiber won’t generate any waste or micro-plastics, features a cotton or linen-like hand-feel, and is also recyclable and sustainable.


Brand & Products


On May 22th, the worldwide athletic apparel brand Champion® revealed its latest hoodie product innovation prototype inspired by mental health: the weighted hoodie. The hoodie was designed to leverage the scientifically proven benefits of weighted pressure in mental health. It is quilted with micro glass beads inside and evenly distributes the pressure across the entire human body including the back, arms and chest. 


Trends Reports

The global famous fashion trends network POP Fashion released 2 trendy reports.

Along with the rush of tennis-core, the POP Fashion has analyzed latest polo shirts unveiled by different brands and summarized the possible knitting craftsmanship, fabrics and textures trends of polo shirts. There are 5 textures and craftsmanship that possibly lead the style of this type of apparel.

Simultaneously, they have predicted the trends of men’s and women’s long john sets in SS2025 based on consumers’ attitudes, color trends and brands. There are 2 color themes and 7 design trends of long johns that are worth to pay attention to.


To read these 2 reports above, please contact us here.


New Products Release


If you are lacking inspiration of your next season’s new collection, we just prepared a new self-designed timeless athleisure collection for you as shown below. Feel free to contact us for more details and quotations!

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Stay tuned and we will update more latest industry news and products for you!

Post time: May-27-2024