Arabella | A/W 25/26 Look That Might Inspire You! Weekly Brief News of Clothing Industry During June 24th-30th


Arabella just passed another week again and our team is busy on developing new self-designing product collections recently, especially for the upcoming Magic Show in Las Vegas during August 7th-9th. So here we are, we wish we can get more inspirations from more fashion news, and we hope you can get more ideas with us, too. Let’s grab a cup of coffee then start our daily news reading today!



BaoLong Technology has developed a new type of bio-based fabric named CMOR (leather-like fabric) with a high biological content of up to 92%. This technology fabric uses natural resins, plant fiber waste generated by the textile industry, naturally occurring straw, coffee grounds, rice husks, and tara as the main raw materials. It has multiple functions such as waterproof, abrasion-resistance, and anti-bacterial, and its most significant feature is photochromic color change. The fabric has already obtained the USDA Bio-based label certification.


Catwalks & Fashion


On June 28th, the global fashion news network FashionUnited released an article about the men’s luxury streetwear trends from Virgil Abloh to the Paris Olympics. The article released parts of looks from the Paris Fashion Week, to show more design elements that might affect the fashion trend even after the Paris Olympics.

Trend Reports

On June 25th, the global fashion network POP Fashion released a new report of training wear design in AW25/26. The report has analyzed recent design elements’ of the training clothing based on the growing needs in multi-functional using. Here is a summary of the report:
2 Major craftsmanship: Overlock Stitching & Knitting
Trendy Key Items: Overlock vest, knitted pullover, knitted jacket, joggers, training leggings & tights
Recommended Brands & Projects: On x Zendaya, ASRV, Nike x Patta

Based on this trend reports, Arabella has made you some recommendations of our current training products that might inspire you:


MTG002 Men Low Waist Tight-fit Breathable Mesh Leggings



At the same time, POP Fashion also released a trend report of sports long johns & tights in SS2025. Here is a summary of this report:

2 Key Themes: Sporty & Outdoor

Trendy Key Design Details:

For Sporty-Tensioning stitches & Patching Seams, Letter Positioning, Embossed Letter Waistband, Simple Doodles

For Outdoor-Color-blocking, Widen Knitted Waistband, Seamless Knitting

Recommended Brands: 52025、Beneunder、MOLYVIVI、ALMONDROCKS、FALKE、Halfdays、Ttswtrs

If you are thinking about skiing wear’s development, you might need this report.

To read the whole reports, please contact us here.

Stay tuned and we will update more latest industry news and products for you!

Post time: Jul-01-2024