Arabella | A New Step forward For Textile-to-textile Circulation: Weekly Brief News of Clothing Industry During June 11th-16th


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Fabrics & Yarns


Global apparel manufacturing and technology group MAS Holdings and US materials company Ambercycle have announced a collaboration under a three-year procurement agreement, marking a significant step forward in the apparel industry’s push for high-quality materials made from recycled textiles and the textile-to-textile system.

Ambercycle has developed Cycora, a recycled polyester, which is the company’s first high-quality material made from wasted textiles. 



Luhta Sportswear Company’s brand Rukka has launched a new T-shirt made from SPINNOVA® fiber, available in two colors: dark blue and white. The T-shirt is a blend of 29% wood-based SPINNOVA® fiber, 68% cotton, and 3% elastane.

Annamaria Väli-Klemelä, Luhta’s Director of Sustainability, stated that the company aims to have a product line compliant with circular economy standards by 2040 and emphasized the importance of collaboration with Spinnova.

Luhta Sportswear-spinnova-1

At the same time, the innovative high-performance running and cycling apparel brand GOREWEAR has debut the new Ultimate Bib Shorts+, designed specifically for the most demanding road and gravel cycling. These bib shorts feature a custom-designed multi-layer 3D printed EXPERT N3X chamois, which offers superior technical properties compared to traditional foam pads. Additionally, the chamois is made from bio-based hydrophobic material and covered with recycled fabric on top, reducing environmental impact.


Based on the key color trends of 25/26, including naturalism, earthy tones, futuristic, and practicality, as well as the future trend of leisure products (T-shirts, hoodies, base layers, dresses, etc.), the global fashion trends network POP Fashion makes future fabric development trend predictions and provides key recommendations from the aspects of color, material, and fabric texture.

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Post time: Jun-18-2024