Some common techniques used in sportswear

I.Tropical print

Tropical Print uses the printing method to print the pigment on the paper to make transfer printing paper, and then transfers the color to the fabric through high temperature (heating and pressurizing the paper back). It is generally used in chemical fiber fabrics, characterized by bright colors, fine layers, vivid patterns, strong artistic quality, but the process is only applicable to a few synthetic fibers such as polyester. Tropical Print is relatively common in the market due to its simple process, small investment and flexible production.


II. Water print

The so-called water slurry is a kind of water-based paste, printed on sports clothing feel is not strong, the coverage is not strong, only suitable for printing on light color fabrics, the price is relatively low. But water slurry has a big disadvantage is that the color of water slurry is lighter than cloth color. If the cloth is darker, the slurry will not cover it at all. But it also has an advantage, because it will not affect the original texture of the fabric, but also very breathable, so it is more suitable for large areas of printing patterns.

III. Rubber print

After the appearance of rubber print and its wide application in water slurry, because of its excellent coverage, it can print any light color on the dark clothes and has a certain glossiness and three-dimensional sense, which makes the ready-made clothes look more high-grade. Therefore, it is rapidly popularized and used in almost every printing sportswear. However, because it has a certain hardness, it is not suitable for a large area of the field pattern, large area of the pattern is best to print with water slurry and then dotted with some glue, which can not only solve the problem of large area of glue pulp hard can also highlight the sense of layers of patterns. It has smooth surface with soft, thin characteristics and can be stretched. Generally speaking, rubber printing is more commonly used. Remind that both printing can be washed.

IV. Flock print

In fact, simply said flock printing is specifically for the fiber of short velvet. As for other materials and fabrics, flock printing is not used, so it is a kind of printing of short fiber down to the surface of the fabric according to a specific pattern.

V. Foil print

Simply speaking, the pattern is prefabricated on a pattern, by gluing on the pattern and then the gold on the foil stamping paper is transferred to the cloth in accordance with the shape of the pattern, the process is called gold foil printing. It is generally used in the comparison of sportswear on the money, patterns generally use numbers, letters, geometric patterns, lines and so on.

sports bra

sports pants

Today’s patterns take many forms. Designers with ideas often combine different printing techniques, even combine printing with embroidery, or even combine some other special clothing techniques to express patterns and enhance the design depth by combining printing, embroidery and special techniques. Design is an interesting thing because of its infinite possibilities!

Post time: Sep-25-2020