Recycle Fabric Production Process

Recycle fabric is more and more popular all over the world in these 2 years as global warming effect.

Recycle fabric is not only environmental but also vert soft and breathable.  Many of our customer like it very much and repeat order soon.

1. What’s the post cunsumer Recycle? Let’s see below pictures.


2. From below pictures, we can better know the recycled PET production process. It begins used bottle-bottle bale-flake-r-PET Chip-Food Grade Container or Textile Application.



3. We can see more detailed production process of rPET Filament Yarn.



4. Of course, the rPET fabric not only can use for textile, but also can use for industry. They are used in everywhere around us.

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Why rPET fabric is more and more popular in our life? What advantage will they bring for us and our earth?  We can save CO2 emission 63.4g/bottle and reduce wastewater 2694.8g/bottle. It is really an good news and can better help to protect our earth.




Below are our certification of rPET fabric.



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Post time: Aug-21-2021