Get Ready for Our Next Station! Arabella’s Weekly Brief News During May 5th-May 10th


Arabella team keeps busy since last week. We are so excited to finish receiving multiple visits from our clients after the Canton Fair. However, our schedule remains full, with the next international exhibition in Dubai less than one week away, this year marks the 10-year anniversary for our team, and we are planning something bigger.

This aligns our industry trends. We are commit to staying updated on industry developments so that we can offer more valuable services and information to our clients. So, let’s refocus our attention on our industry news today.



The world’s largest spandex manufacturer Hyosung TNC, has collaborated with the US biotechnology company Geno to develop bio-based spandex led by Geno BDO technology (a technology that ferments sugar from sugarcane to replace fossil-based materials such as coal). This collaboration has established the world’s first fully integrated manufacturing base for bio-based elastane from renewable raw materials to fibers, and is expected to increase production capacity in the second half of 2026 to meet the anticipated industry demand for bio-based spandex. 




On May.6th, the sportswear brand Decathlon unveiled their latest recyclable swimwear that developed with Belgian textile recycling company Resortecs. The swimwear collection addresses the main problem of separation on swimsuits’ yarns by using the latest recyclable technology Smart Stitch (a technology that able to decompose the high elastane content inside the swimwear, which makes them more convenient to be recyclable.

Trend Reports


The global authoritative fashion trend network WGSN released women’s and men’s retro active quaint apparel trends in SS25. The two reports has analyzed trendy colors, products and design details based on driven factors of influencers and communities, also gave some strategies and action points to fashion designers.

What’s more, WGSN unveiled the trend of SS25 women’s active apparel inspired by the development of AI technology and futuristic aesthetics. The reports also analyzed trendy colors, products and the practical strategies.

To access the complete three reports, please contact us here.

Fashion & Policies


On May 6th, the French Parliament passed a bill of strengthen the restriction of fast-fashion products (especially those from the Chinese Company). The law decided to increase the penalty amounts of each garment of fast-fashion garment gradually before 2030 and forbid their advertising promotions. At the same time, fast-fashion companies have to declare the environment pollution they cause to consumers. However, most companies and industry professionals have stated that there are still aspects of this bill that need to be discussed, such as the definition of “fast-fashion” and the applicable objects.

Along with public's attention on textile wastes and pollution, Arabella keeps focusing on the sourcing more sustainable materials and environmental developing system with our clients. We deeply understand that it is necessary to transfer our developing method for our environment, which also is a long way for us to explore. We are moving on it.


By the way, here is a little remind of our next exhibition in Dubai! We might release more discounts for new clients, so, grab your chance!


Name: Dubai International Apparel & Textile Fair

Time: May.20th-May.22th

Location: Dubai International Center Hall 6&7

Booth No.: EE17



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Post time: May-14-2024