Arabella’s Weekly Brief News in Clothing Industry During May 13th-May 19th


Another exhibition week for Arabella team! Today is the first day for Arabella to attend the International Textiles & Apparel Exhibition in Dubai, which marks another beginning for us to explore the new market in the Middle East of Asia. We can’t wait discover something interesting to share with you next week!

While our team members are exploring the market in the Middle East of Asia, we already prepared to serve you a feast of industry news today. Let’s enjoy it as usual. 



On May 7th, Under Armour released its the Vanish Pro Collection, a series of performance T-shirts made with a new elastic fiber that able to replace elastane named NEOLAST™. This recyclable fiber features high-performance durability, opacity, and a consistent fit that can enhance the product’s comfy and offer mobility for wearers while engaging in sports.



On May 16th, Japanese brand Uniqlo teamed up with Swedish athletes to release UNIQLO x SWEDEN ATHLETE collection, which will debut at 9 stores on June 3rd. The new collection uses high-performance fabrics like DRY EX and AIRism to ensure the shirts are sleek, sweat-wicking and comfortable, aiming to adapt to different climates after being tested in extreme weather simulations.




The authoritative global trend institution WGSN has released an SS26 Active Color Forecast trend report. The report analyzes the seasonal, annual and long-term color trends based on the consumer and society concerns, driving factors and unveiled 10 possible themes of application in colors.

To access the full report, please contact us through here.


Product Trends


Along with the rise of tennis-core, another famous trend institution POP Fashion released a trend report on golf tops in SS25. The report analyzed the possible product type trends might exist in the following golf apparel based on the recommended brand’s new collection, climates and consumers.

To access the full report, please contact us through here.

Arabella is studying tennis-core and golf clothing recently based on the recent trend reports, and we released some new designs as well. If you are interested in developing a new collection with us, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to share more information with you!

Let’s stay tuned and waiting for more information next week of news and exhibitions!

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Post time: May-20-2024