Arabella’s Weekly Brief News During Nov.20-Nov.25

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After pandemic, the international exhibitions are finally coming back to life again along with the economics. And ISPO Munich (the International Trade Show for Sports Equipment and Fashion) has become a hot topic since it is set to start this week. It seems people have eagerly anticipated this expo for a long time. At the same time, Arabella is building the momentum for you to showcase what’s new at this exhibitions-we will soon receive the feedback from our team on this expo!

Before sharing some good news, we would like to update you on brief news happened last week to give you a clearer understanding of the trend in activewear fashion.


On Nov.21st, UPM Biochemicals and Vaude revealed that the world's first bio-based fleece jacket to be unveiled at ISPO Munich. It is made from wood-based polyester while over 60% fossil-based polymers still applied in fashion industry. The release of the jacket highlights the feasibility of using bio-based chemicals in textiles, providing a significant solution of sustainability application for the fashion industry.

wood-based fleece jacket


Sustainability is not only existing in the textile technology, but also in fiber development. We have listed several latest eco-friendly and innovative fibers worth exploring as following: coconut charcoal fiber, Mussel fiber, air conditioning fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber, copper ammonia Fiber, rare earth luminescent Fiber, graphene fiber.

Among these fibers, the graphene, with its outstanding combination of strength, thinness, conductivity, and thermal properties, is also hailed as the king of materials. 


There is no doubt that ISPO Munich is gaining more attention recently. The Fashion United, a famous global networks for fashion news, conducted a deep interview about the ISPO with its head, Tobias Gröber on Nov.23rd. The whole interview not only highlights the increase of exhibitors, but also more delves in sports market, innovations, and highlights of ISPO. It seems the ISPO might become a significant exhibition for sports markets after pandemic.

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Market Trends

After Puma named A$AP Rocky, a famous American rapper and artist, as the creative director of the collection of Puma x Formula 1 (the worldwide car racing games), many top brands sense the following F1 elements might go viral in athleticwear and athleisure. Their inspiration could be seen on the catwalks of brands, like Dior, Ferrari.

Formula 1 Athleticwear designs


The worldwide famous Italian sportswear brand, UYN(Unleash Your Nature) Sports, has decided to open their new research and development laboratory located in Asola for consumers. The building includes different units such as biotechnological unit, brain unit, research and training department, production base and circular economy and recycling unit.

From production to recycling, this brand adheres to the idea of sustainable development and quality assurance.

These are the news we released today. Stay tuned, and we will update you with more news during ISPO Munich!

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Post time: Nov-28-2023