Arabella Team’s Expo Journey: Canton Fair & After Canton Fair


Even though the Canton Fair has passed 2 weeks ago, Arabella Team still keeps running on the trail. Today marks the first day at the exhibition in Dubai, and it is the first time we have attended this event. However, it seems that nothing can stop our team from making global connections. Here are some latest photos for our team with our clients at the Dubai’s exhibition.

Let’s save the marvelous parts for the next time’s story. We would like to share something new during and after Canton Fair with you today.

A General Data of the 135th Canton Fair


2024 marks the second year after pandemic, and there is no doubt that people are eager to seek more opportunities at offline exhibitions. From our perspective, the 135th Canton Fair has brought us a surprising increase in visitor numbers, revenue and more cooperation chances compared to our last exhibition. Here is a data report from the official sponsor of the Canton Fair:

As of May 4th, approximately 215 countries and districts were represented, with a total of 24.6 thousand purchasers from these areas attending the exhibition, making a 24.5% increase compared to the 134th Canton Fair. The total trading revenue reached about 24.7 billion dollars, representing a 10.7% increase. Additionally, over 1 million new exhibits were showcased on the fair. And Arabella also reaped the benefits of this success.


Arabella x Clients on the Canton Fair


The most important is that, Arabella met more old and new friends from aboard, such the famous global sourcing influencer on YouTube and Tik Tokthe sourcing guy”, and the member from the brand CottonOn, which holds significant value for our team.

To attract more clients to visit us, Arabella had been preparing for about a month. One of the a most vital moves is that we collected and studied more fashion trends then applied them to our new designs. And as a result, our trendy exhibits succeeded in attracting lots of clients’ curiosity.

The Domino Effect after Canton Fair


However, Arabella team didn’t stop our tour after the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair was only the beginning.

We successfully attracted continual visits almost every day in the following week after Canton Fair. Every day, our factory received a visit from different clients, which surprised our team.We were so happy since we value every visit. They all represented new chances and each visit was a new chance. Among these clients, there was a couple felt satisfied with our services and were willing to stay for a longer time to explore more details on their new project.

The year 2024 holds a great significance for Arabella as it represents the beginning of a new decade for our team. Today, we embark on a new experience in exploring a new market. And we firmly believe that there will be more new opportunities for us to pursue.


Looking forward to meet you next time on the exhibition!


Post time: May-21-2024