Arabella | Get Ready for The Big Game: Weekly Brief News of Clothing Industry During June 17th-23rd


Last week was still a busy week for Arabella Team-in a positive way, we got members transferred into full and and had an employees’ birthday party. Busy but we keep have fun.
Also, there were still some interesting things happened in our industry, especially everyone seems excited about the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. The sportswear behemoths were scrambling to release more collections related to the game. Today, Arabella still will guide you taking a look of the new looks of the clothing industry.


On June 22nd, Decathlon has announced an investment in the textile recycling startup Recyc’Elit through its subsidiary Decathlon Alliances. Recyc’Elit, a French material recycling company, has developed a breakthrough fabric separation technology that allows for the recovery of polyester, spandex, and polyamide.
Decathlon stated that this investment aligns with the company’s “North Star” strategy, which focuses on three key areas: reshaping customer experience, fulfilling sustainable development commitments, and achieving end-to-end modernization of the enterprise. The company also plans to engage in long-term commercial cooperation with Recyc’Elit, potentially including the development of additional capsule collections in the future.

Products & Collections


On June 21st, French sports brand Lascote released a new Paris Olympics capsule collection to celebrate the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The new collection features”Heritage”retro-style, including polo shirts, shorts, skirts, jackets and more.
As a local french sports brand, Lascote keeps combing sports spirits with French elegance on their designs. Undoubtedly, the new collection will bring a new retro rush for sportswear addicts.

At the same time, inspired by the recent retro and academic style from multiple trends, Arabella team also designed a new sports club collection as following. If you want to follow up the trends with us, feel free to contact us here.

Meanwhile, Germany Puma announced a new debut of training collection on July 1st, by using their own fabric technology, Cloudspun, which they have applied in their golf wear before. The technology will bring wearers extremely comfy and softness, as well as good properties of moisture-wicking and four-way stretch.

Trend Reports


The global fashion network POP Fashion released a new trends reports of women’s track pants in SS2025. By analyzing recent new track pants’ silhouettes, colors and fabrics, they made a conclusion of 3 themes that might keep leading the trend in SS2025: Sporty & Leisure, Japanese & Korean Micro Trend, and Resort & Lounge. Based on these themes, the report has made some suggestions for track pants' designs and fabric choices.

To access the whole report, please contact us here.

Stay tuned and we will update more latest industry news and products for you!

Post time: Jun-25-2024