Amazing News For Bio-based Elastane! Arabella’s Weekly Brief News in Clothing Industry During May 27th-June 2nd


Good morning to all the fashion-forward folks from Arabella! It’s been a busy month again not to mention the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris in July, which will be a big party for all the sports ethusiatics!

To get prepared for this big game, our industry keeps moving forward with revolutions no matter in fabrics, trims or techniques. That’s why we keep watching news. And sure enough, it is new’s time again.


THE LYCRA Company has announced a collaboration with Dalian Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. to convert QIRA®’s bio-based BDO into PTMEG, the main component of bio-based Lycra fiber, achieving 70% recyclable content in future bio-based Lycra fibers.

The patented bio-based LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA® will be available in early 2025, which will become the world's first bio-based spandex fiber available in bulk production at scale. This might indicate a cost reduction on bio-based spandex.



WGSN and Coloro have collaborated to predict the 5 key color trends for 2026 based on social changes and evolving consumer psychology. The colors are Transformative Teal(092-37-14), Electric Fuschia(144-57-41), Amber Haze(043-65-31), Jelly Mint(078-80-22), and Blue Aura(117-77-06).

Read the whole report here.


3F ZIPPER, one of the renowned high-end trims suppliers, just launched an ultra-smooth nylon zipper designed for garment pockets. This new zipper product offers five times the smoothness of regular zippers and features a #3 stopper-free slider and a 75D soft yarn pull cord, making it skin-friendly and soft to the touch.



The global trend network POP Fashion has released the fabric trends for women's joggers in 2025, focusing on three main themes: Athleisure, Korean-Japanese micro-trends, and Resort-loungewear. The report provides suggestions and analyzations on fabric compositions, surface styles, products designs, and application recommendations for each theme.

To access the whole report, please contact us here.

Industry Discussions

On May 23, the global fashion website Fashion United published an article about eco-friendly fabrics. It primarily discusses the issue of material transformation in today's clothing industry, exploring common industry problems related to traditional materials, sustainable materials, and bio-based materials, the bottlenecks in recycling technologies, and the future of materials in the clothing industry. Here is the whole article.


In Arabella’s opinion, there is no doubt that the industry needs a revolution on building a textile-to-textile recycling system. However, several problems remain to be settled, such as the high standards on the sources when we creating recycled fabrics, the complexity of apparel, and more, which cause difficulties in building a decent and eco-friendly system for the clothing industry. We will keep our eyes on the development of this path. 

Stay tuned and looking forward to see you next week!


Post time: Jun-03-2024