2022 Fabric trends

After entering 2022, the world will face the dual challenges of health and economy. When facing the fragile future situation, brands and consumers urgently need to think about where to go. Sports fabrics will not only meet people’s growing comfort needs, but also meet the rising voice of the market for protective design. Under the influence of the COVID-19, various brands quickly adjusted their production methods and supply chains, and then raised people’s expectations for a sustainable future. Rapid market response will promote the vigorous development of the brand.


As biodegradation, recycling and renewable resources become market keywords, natural innovation will continue to show strong momentum, not only for fibers, coatings and finishes. The aesthetic style of sports fabrics is no longer a single smooth and beautiful, and the natural texture will also be paid attention to. Antiviral and antibacterial fibers will usher in a new round of market boom, and metal fibers such as copper can provide good sanitary and cleaning effects. Filter design is also the key point. The fabric can pass through conductive fibers to complete deep filtration and disinfection and sterilization. During the period of global blockade and isolation, consumers’ independence will be significantly improved. They will also explore smart fabrics to assist and strengthen their exercise, including vibration adjustment, interchangeable and game design.



Concept: the wrinkled cloth with exquisite matte finish has lightweight protection performance, which can be called the perfect integration of performance and fashion.

Fiber & Yarn: super light recycled polyester fiber is the ideal choice. Pay attention to incorporating irregular recycled yarn to create a wrinkled texture. The use of biological coatings (such as Schoeller’s ecorepel) to achieve waterproof and dustproof functions, showing the concept of sustainability.

Practical application: this fabric is an ideal choice for outdoor styles such as trousers and shorts, and the exquisite and advanced texture also makes it suitable for modern Commuter Series. It is suggested to add bio based elastic fibers (such as Sorona elastic silk produced by DuPont) to the shirt style to launch high-quality commuting and office styles.

Applicable categories: all-weather sports, commuting, hiking





Concept: light translucent fabric is light and transparent. It not only presents a faint visual effect, but also has some protective functions.

Finish & fabric: take inspiration from satisfy’s new paper texture, play with the new texture, or refer to the subtle gloss design of 42|54. The anti ultraviolet coating can realize the protection function in midsummer.

Practical application: biological coatings and finishes (such as airmem film made of coffee oil by singtex) are preferred to create natural weather resistance. This design is especially suitable for jacket and outer style.

Applicable categories: all-weather sports, running and training


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Concept: the comfortable and upgraded tactile rib is an ideal choice to balance work and life. At the same time, it is also an essential element of multi-functional wardrobe. Whether it’s home office, stretching and low-intensity exercise, tactile rib is a high-quality choice.

Fiber & Yarn: select Merino wool from human and environmental protection, so as to realize natural antibacterial effect and biodegradability. It is recommended to draw inspiration from nagnata and adopt two-color effect to highlight the avant-garde style.

Practical application: as an ideal choice for seamless style and soft support, tactile rib is extremely suitable for close fitting layer. When creating the middle layer, it is recommended to increase the thickness of the fabric.

Applicable categories: all-weather sports, home style, yoga and stretching



Concept: Biodegradable design helps the product not leave any footprints after use, and can be composted under appropriate conditions. Natural and biodegradable fibers are the key.

Innovation: make full use of natural properties, such as temperature regulation and moisture absorption and perspiration. Choose fast regenerating fibers (such as hemp) instead of cotton. The use of bio based dyes ensures that no chemicals will harm the environment. See the joint series of ASICs x Pyrates.

Practical application: suitable for basic layer, medium thickness style and accessories. Focus on puma’s design and produce on demand, so as to promote sustainable development and reduce unnecessary waste and energy loss.

Applicable categories: yoga, hiking, all-weather Sports

Post time: May-18-2022