2021 Trending Colors

Different colors are used every year, including avocado green and coral pink, which were popular last year, and electro-optic purple the year before. So what colors will women’s sports wear in 2021?Today we take a look at the womens sports wear color trends of 2021, and take a look at some of the most stunning colors.

1.Lemon yellow


2.Army green

3 (1)

3.Red orange

 138 (2)


Rose is contracted spring and summer season shallow pink, the color that the dewdrop refracts on petal of shallow pale pink resembles early morning rose is same and clear, it is the neuter colour that men and women all suit.

 31 (1)

5.Water blue

The blue is as clear as the tropical sea.It is the spring and summer color that cool and refreshing feeling blows one’s face.

 61 (2)


The brick red aura is confident and luxurious, with a reassuring sense of sureness, composed and low-key, with the same color or monochrome style is very delicate and elegant ~


7.Light lavender

 Romantic light lavender is easier to pull off than other purples, and works well with monochromatic shapes or neutrals.

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8.Red fire

Stove red is the evolution of the perennial popular red tones. The rich reddish brown tones are warm and steady, seemingly ordinary but surprising.

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Post time: Oct-09-2020