Fashion Forecast for 2021: The best trends predicted for the year-buy now

Last year has finally passed, and I can be sure that I will never look back. Get into something better, brighter, and bolder! Of course, including the fashion forecast for 2021, it is indeed full of very bright and bold things. In the past 12 months, I have been obsessed with virtual fashion shows, “new arrivals” labels and people’s favorite feeds of influencers, all of which give me an in-depth understanding of fashion trends in 2021. To understanding. Okay, maybe “extensive knowledge” is an extension, but I think I have a pretty good understanding of the situation this year.
To be honest: in terms of trends, last year was a slump. In January, no one can predict that tie-dye sweat and fluffy slippers will become the It ensemble for the next 12 months. However, fast forward to 2021, and we seem to have a better grasp of some of the real trends in the coming year. Of course (needless to say), masks are still the ultimate must-have accessory, but as we sweat and start to fall in love with fashion, there are many new looks to try.
In 2021, we have to speak with the old and the new. Say goodbye to Instagram models and make you think you need to splurge on expensive handbags that will no longer be popular in six months. When the restaurant does not even provide indoor seating, bid farewell to the impulse to order outing clothes. Never feel uncomfortable for fashion anymore-in appearance, we are regaining our position, but we are not sacrificing the comfort we have fallen in love with in 2020. Fashion can also be very comfortable.
Therefore, please continue to read my forecast of the main trends for the next year. The fashion forecast for 2021 is full of sunshine and chic.
If you will have seen it in the monochromatic neutral phase of 2019 and thought “absolutely not”, then it is likely to be published in 2021. Bold moves, for example, so bold, you can make a second guess. Think of neon lights, busy flowers, checkerboard patterns and tons of colors.
Lisa Says Gah’s daisy plaid print has become a must- 3XL).
The cow pattern may seem dazzling at first glance, but in fact, is it different from your favorite leopard pattern? Consider it to be neutral and build the appearance by pairing it with other patterns to build a special combination of expressions.
Those clumsy bras and crop tops are cute, but in 2021, we no longer worry about using abdominal muscles as accessories. Loose, silhouettes and layers borrowed from boys will become the epitome of cool girl fashion. Yes, you can still tie your waist with a gorgeous belt, but don’t be afraid to relax (literally) and embrace a more relaxed figure.
Remember when we desperately matched knitted bra tops and Cardis in 2020? Yes, in 2021, consider loose sweaters as a hot girl criterion. In addition, they are very comfortable.
The unshaped windbreaker is also suitable for the more casual silhouette of 2021, while the artificial leather version further improves the coolness.
All those influencers on your feed seem to have bought It Bag on the same day? Skip it-in three months, they will move on to the next thing and you will be in debt. Try to avoid trending products that are absolutely necessary at the moment, and choose similar content that fits more organically with your personal style. The result is a more authentic fashion feel that remains instantaneous.
Rather than buying new handbags this season, it is better to buy favorite items from retailers such as The Real Real and Farfetch, which will verify your purchase before purchase. Is it good? This way, you won’t go to a party that carries Fendi wallets like the other three girls.
If you want to buy a new one, there is no problem at all. Just skip the number one that is popular now, and pick a pair of glasses with a more classic silhouette from the same designer, and you can actually use it to describe the years to come.
There are some outstanding color trends this year, but not only the hue, but also the texture. Think of stitched leather in autumn and winter and transparent mesh in spring and summer. A head-to-toe cotton or denim ensemble can still be very chic, but mixing unique textures and materials will really enhance your look.
When it comes to sexy, pure, and still wearable items, AFRM is undoubtedly the leader. The bonus point is countless prints and sizes including many of its best-selling styles (such as Shailene dresses).
Ordinary black shoulder bags get the 2021 texture enhancement through Staud’s wrinkled lambskin leather, proving that the texture trend need not be too exaggerated-some subtle folds increase the sense of movement and make the leather come alive.
For the first time in a long time, fashionistas took a break. You really didn’t expect us to wear slippers from 2020 to tall stilettos in 2021, right? Chunky flat-soled boots and loafers will suit the avant-garde style, and anyone with a more feminine aesthetic may prefer the revival of chic mules or ballet flats.
If stepping is your ideal means of transportation, then the sole is your ideal choice. The smooth wine vamp and the thick silver curb chain bring a second sense of avant-garde to the silhouette of the work clothes hobo.
The must-have ballet flats of the year are made of soft, wrinkled leather and (like all other products in 2021) some thick chain details. I can directly confirm the comfort of these Aerosoles, and there are many colors to choose from.
Logomania from head to toe may be a cute street style moment, but no longer need to splurge to look fashionable. Pair your cashmere sweater with H&M’s environmentally-conscious trousers, or pair your sample sales designer high heels with silky boots that will always hang in your closet. A luxurious look does not always make the perfect outfit-true fashionistas know that combining affordable and high-end clothing can bring the best fit.
Only wearing a well-known designer’s work, such as Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) “The Sweater” (The Sweater), looks very good…

Post time: Jan-26-2021